About Randyland

Written Colleen M. Geiger and Aaron Allen of the Western Pennsylvania Writing Project.

Randyland is the actualization of planting small dreams – watering and cultivating them like a garden. In 1995, when the property was purchased at  auction for $10,000, Randy wasn’t sure what the place would become. But “too many people think with their brains, not with there hearts. Whatever you want to be in your heart love will open the path.” He didn’t plan what he’s created but trusted that he’d figure it out along the way. The grounds became a place for Randy’s passion and intelligence to run wild. Now, it is a place to get inspired for creativity, where many energies overlap as each guest brings some gift of themselves.

All the bricks of Randyland are gathered from nearby houses being torn down. He believes in the energies of those bricks and in the stories of the lives they held.


Our history

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