Randyland is constantly changing. We try to take new photos for each request. But if you’re shy, here are courtesy photos you can use:

For broadcast media, message us and we’ll Dropbox you 4K B-Roll.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Randyland?

Randy lives here. He paint things. Btw, and he doesn’t sell his art. He does it out of love. Then new friends from all of the world come and see those things. To visit is free, as in air.

Can we film a segment at Randyland?

Yes. Editorial press is welcome to film at Randyland. Give us a heads up to avoid scheduling conflicts.

Can we interview Randy or Foo for…?

Yes. We’re social. Journalist are chill. Established blogs are cool. We get too many student project requests. Podcast needs to be 1 year old. Message us.

Can Randy come speak at our event?

Randy likes to paint. He’d prefer to stay at Randyland. If it’s really important, you can ask.

There is an event or crowdfunding effort for Randyland…?

While we appreciate the support, please do not use our name without asking us first. We ask you, the press, to check with us to make sure a the money is actually going to us.

I’m on a deadline…

Call us  +1 (412) 342-8152. We answer the phone quicker than emails.

New York Times

Gilson’s energy was infectious. Soon, all of Randyland’s visitors were talking and chatting with one another and about the art.


If you like outsider art, bursts of color and hanging with folks who march to the beat of a different drummer, head to Randyland.

The Telegraph

Randyland – a curious cluster of pink flamingos, painted slogans and hippy vibe – is manna for the Instagram generation.

Parade Magazine

Randyland full of reclaimed furniture, lovingly tended container gardens and items that Gilson rescued from the streets and repurposed into vibrantly colored art.

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